Community Resource Centre

  PO Box 412, Biloela
(102 Rainbow St)
Tel: (07) 4992 7360
Fax: (07) 4992 9502


CRC opening hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am — 5pm 9am — 5pm 9am — 5pm 9am — 5pm 9am — 5pm


The CRC seeks to support and empower individuals and families in the community by ensuring they have access to the most appropriate services and resources to meet their needs.

Download the Community Resource Centre Brochure

Download the Community Resource Centre NSO Brochure


How much does it cost?

Fees and Charges:

Individual and group members are required to pay an annual membership fee.

  • Referred Members  —  $55.00/year
  • Individual members  —  $65.00/year
  • Community groups  —  $75.00/year
  • Gov & Non Gov Organisations  —  $90.00 + $65.00 per staff member user/year
  • Schools (depending on band)  —  $195.00 — $472.50/year


Additional Services:

For a reasonable charge, the following services are provided:

  • Binding
  • Computer Usage, printing & scanning
  • Laminating
  • Faxing
  • Photocopying

The following equipment is available for hire:

  • Display boards
  • Portable Screen
  • Portable PA system
  • Overhead projector
  • VCR

Adaptive Technology Space:

Computers and adaptive technology can be easily accessed to trial equipment, software suitability and access technology in a supportive environment.

Life Skills Training Areas:

Facilities such as a kitchen, laundry and bathroom can be used to assist people to gain skills in self-care, household management and social interaction.

Treatment and Interview Rooms:

Interviews, assessments and treatments can be facilitated between professionals and individuals as well as small group skill development workshops.

Meeting and Training Room:

This area is a flexible space to cater for a variety of meeting and training activities up to 40 people.

Indoor and Outdoor Play Spaces:

These areas provide an opportunity for a variety of physical and social activities for both children and adults.

What is the CRC?

The CRC is a purpose-built centre to provide access to resources and facilities for people for people who have an identified physical, psychological, intellectual or social need and for professionals and organizations that assist them. It also houses resources that can be used by teaching professionals to enhance their own, their students' and parents' teaching and learning needs.

It is owned and operated by the Banana Shire Council with support from various government and non-government funding sources and public donations.


Referred Members:

  • Are individuals who are referred by doctors, teachers, allied health professionals, guidance officers, psychologists, nurses and the CRC Program Coordinator
  • Are individuals who have an identified physical, psychological, intellectual or social need resulting in significant or permanent limitation or impairment.

Individual, group or organisation members:

  • Are those individuals, groups or organisations working in the area of health or education or with referred clients, who require access to resources and facilities to enhance and support their delivery of services to people/groups with identified needs.
  • Individuals may include recognised health professionals, teachers or associated education professionals.
  • Groups may include Anglicare, Blue Care, Endeavour, Schools, Preschools, Special Education units, TAFE, Family Day Care, Day Care Centres, Wahroonga Retirement Village, Church groups, Play groups, Nursing Mothers and others.
  • Are required to pay an annual membership fee.

Please note:These individuals, groups or organisations do not include those:

  • Whose primary activity involves commercial enterprise or financial gain and/or
  • Whose primary activity does not involve supporting individuals with an identified physical, intellectual psychological and social need resulting in significant or permanent limitation or impairment.

Teacher and associated Education Professional Members:

  • Are those professionals who seek to support and enhance their teaching and learning by accessing additional resources and equipment.
  • May also access the facilities of the CRC for purposes directly related to supporting their own, their students' or the parents of their students' learning and teaching needs.
  • Their parent school is required to pay an annual membership fee.

Resource Library:

The CRC has a library that contains toys, games and equipment that can be used to help people gain specific skills.

The library also contains resources that teachers and other professional members can borrow. Items include theme boxes, reference materials, educational videos and CD ROMs.