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BARALABA Coal have started using AAB-quad road trains to transport coal along the Baralaba-Moura Rd after being granted permission by an independent arbitrator.
The independent attributor was brought in to settle a dispute between Baralaba Coal and Banana Shire Council over the use of larger road trains on the haul road.
Banana Shire wanted Baralaba Coal to fully complete an upgrade of the road before moving from triple trailers to quad trailers.
Baralaba Coal contested that under the agreement they had with council they are permitted to start using quads on the condition that they progressively worked on the road upgrade with the work needing to be completed by March 2020.
In his expert determination the independent arbitrator stated that Council is now required to immediately and unconditionally consent to all approvals required by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator for the use of AAB-Quads as lodged by Baralaba Coal’s haulage contractor.
The need for the larger haulage trucks is the result of the company returning to full production at the Baralaba mine site.