Biloela, Queensland, Australia
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Bush Bible - Drought Assistance Resource

The whole of Banana Shire is now Drought Declared - declared 10 March, 2017.  A Banana Shire “Bush Bible” has been created to assist residents to know where they can seek assistance and support in the areas  of Finance , Environment, Personal Wellbeing, and Roads and Buildings.  Information on many organisations, what they do, and how to contact them are listed in the resource.    To view the electronic version of the “Bush Bible” please click here.  Hard copies are also available in:

  • Cracow at the Cracow Hotel
  • Taroom from the Council Office, Landmark, TOPX or the Produce Store
  • Theodore from Holmes Enterprises, the Medical Centre, and Xtreme 1 Service Station
  • Banana, from the Progress Association (Darren Stevens)
  • Moura has the books at Council Office, Elders, Post Office, Culture Shack and the IGA and,
  • Baralaba has them at Majors Store and Acres Rural.

For further information please call 49929500.