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Landfill fires destroy Council infrastructure and pollute the environment.

Burning rubbish always contains a cocktail of toxic gases that can kill humans and wildlife.

Recent fires in transfer station bins and landfills are costing our community. People and resources are being diverted from other important community needs to manage the fire and repair the damage caused.

How to prevent your waste causing a fire:

NEVER put hot ash into a transfer station bin or rubbish pit

NEVER put e-waste into a transfer station bin or rubbish pit

NEVER put batteries, chemicals, oil, or gas bottles into a transfer station bin or rubbish pit

Please recycle batteries, gas bottles, e-waste and chemicals. You can also recycle vegetation, cardboard, scrap metal, glass, cans, chemical drums, oil and paint.

See Councils website for a list of waste that is accepted at each location

Heavy fines apply for deliberately lighting a fire or causing a fire at a waste facility.

For more information call 4992 9500.