Biloela, Queensland, Australia
Image unavailable 26°C
Current: Partly cloudy
Wind (Kph) : 13
Humidity (%) : 70
Wind Directions : ESE

Taroom, Queensland, Australia
Image unavailable 31°C
Current: Partly cloudy
Wind (Kph) : 19
Humidity (%) : 35
Wind Directions : NE


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With recent high temperatures, there have been increased reports of flying foxes being affected by heat stress.

• Please do not handle flying foxes as they can carry serious diseases. 
• If a sick or injured flying fox is found, call 1300 ANIMAL. 
• If a dead flying fox is found, use a shovel to scoop the animal into a bag and place carefully in your bin. But take care – animals may only appear to be dead which could lead to scratches.
• Warn children to never touch flying foxes and report any scratches.
• If you believe you have been scratched or bitten, seek immediate medical assistance.

More information on flying foxes, including health concerns, is provided on the following websites:
Department of Environment and Heritage Protection - Flying Foxes Queensland Health - Bats and Human Health