Address: Theodore-Moura Road, Moura

Aerodrome Reporting Officer (ARO) contact: 0407 377 247

Aerodrome Category: Other

Fuel: No fuelling available.


Runway 16/34

Surface:  Chip seal

Length: 1,500m

Width: 23m

Strength: Unrated - aerodrome use is limited to aircraft with a MTOW of up to 5,700kg



  • Passenger Terminal
  • Sealed taxiway & apron
  • Pilot Activated Lighting - 123.4 MHz
  • AFRU - 126.7 MHz


Level of Service

  • Medical aircraft operations by the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the Aerial Ambulance
  • Light aircraft charter operations - up to MTOW of 5,700kg
  • General aviation - up to MTOW of 5,700kg
  • Full NOTAM service not available