The property owner is responsible for the provision and maintenance of vehicle access from the roadway to the property boundary.

No construction of a crossover/driveway in a road reserve should be undertaken without application being made to Council together with the appropriate fee.

Council will assess the application and provide the standard conditions and drawings for construction of either an Urban or Rural driveway. A copy of Council's standard drawing for driveway can be found here: RURAL Driveway or URBAN Driveway.


Property Owner Responsibility

  • Obtain Council approval (by application and payment of appropriate fee) to construct a property access.

  • Prior to construction obtain the location of all services in the road reserve by contacting Dial Before You Dig on 1100.

  • Construct property accesses to Council's standards from the roadway to the property boundary at the property owners cost. The owner may construct the access or engage a private contractor to do the work. Council can undertake this work at the expense of the resident. For a quote for Private Works, please contact Council's Infrastructure Services department.

  • Maintain the property access to a standard that is safe for all road users including pedestrians and to maintain longitudinal drainage paths for the roadway.


Council Responsibility

It is Council's responsibility to ensure that each property or parcel of land can achieve access to a road reserve.

Council is responsible for ensuring that all property accesses are constructed in accordance with the Standard at the time of construction.

Where Council alters or removes part of an existing legally constructed property access for the purpose of reconstructing a roadway or installing Council services, it will reinstate the access at the current standard.

Council is not responsible for the physical construction and maintenance of the access/driveway.

Council is not responsible for ensuring access to a road formation.