Emergency / After Hours Contacts Emergency / After Hours Contacts

Water & Sewerage Emergency / After Hours Contacts


W&S Retic Maintenance – Burst water mains, blocked sewers

Taroom, Theodore & Cracow:

0409 376 344

Other (Banana, Baralaba, Biloela, Callide Dam, Goovigen, Moura, Thangool, Wowan):

0417 641 994

Town Water Quality – Dirty Water, Objectionable Taste/Odour


0409 376 344

Theodore, Cracow

0418 986 107

Biloela, Callide Dam, Thangool, Goovigen, Wowan:

0418 787 033

Moura, Banana, Baralaba:

0419 021 584



Overview of Water Supply Systems

Council operates a total of eleven (11) water supply schemes throughout the Shire consisting of Banana, Baralaba, Biloela, Callide Dam, Cracow (trickle feed system), Goovigen, Moura, Taroom, Thangool, Theodore and Wowan. Despite the differing operational and maintenance requirements between the schemes Banana Shire Council aims to provide a continuous supply of water to its customers.

Restricted raw water schemes are provided at Taroom and Baralaba. These schemes service limited customers and are subject to service limitations associated with water availability.

Council is working to replace ageing and deteriorating water mains that are no longer viable to repair. Council's planned water main replacement program will, over time, help to reduce the number of service interruptions experienced by consumers as a result of main breaks etc.

On occasions when Council needs to interrupt water supply to undertake planned maintenance and repair work we aim to provide you with at least 48 hours notice prior to the event.

At times, your water supply service may be interrupted due to circumstances beyond Council's control (eg damaged pipeline, main burst, extended power outage, etc.). During such times, if your service is affected, Council's maintenance personnel aim to restore your connection as quickly and effectively as possible.

Council will endeavour to restore all unplanned interruptions within eight (8) hours. If you report a supply incident to Council's Customer Service Centre, or to the after hours contact numbers listed, we aim to have made contact with the customer, or commenced work to resolve the problem within four (4) hours of receiving the report.

Water for the various town water supplies in the Banana Shire is drawn from a range of sources including the Callide Dam, the Dawson River and from underground aquifers. Water quality in the different schemes varies considerably depending on the quality of the original water source and the subsequent level of treatment.

The minimum level of treatment provided is disinfection by chlorination (groundwater schemes). Higher levels of treatment are applied to water supplied from the Callide Dam and the Dawson River.

Goovigen and Wowan rely on groundwater that is untreated other than by chlorination. Further treatment is not considered viable at this time due to the prohibitive costs involved. Unfortunately the groundwater sources for these towns are very ‘hard' waters, containing high levels of total dissolved salts including sodium and chloride and also elevated sulphide levels (Wowan) all of which are above desirable levels for drinking water according to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Due to these quality constraints Wowan is a non-potable supply. Where possible the Banana Shire Council aims to supply treated water that complies with physical and chemical parameters of those guidelines.

Water at Cracow is not treated by Council and quality cannot be guaranteed and this scheme is non-potable accordingly.

Council endeavours to provide a minimum of 12 metres head of static pressure at the mains to which your property service is connected. For the majority of consumers pressure is much higher. However, due to the physical constraints of the schemes some consumers have lower pressure including but not limited to areas of Baralaba and Goovigen. Council officers will be conducting pressure tests at various locations throughout the schemes so that areas with particularly low pressure can be identified.


Overview of Sewerage Systems

Reticulated sewerage schemes are provided to Biloela, Moura, Taroom and Theodore. Banana Shire Council aims to ensure that these schemes are reliable and adequately maintained.

Council is faced with maintaining ageing schemes that have deteriorated over time and now require significant refurbishment. However, Council will take all reasonable care to minimise the number of sewage overflows to public and private property, and to protect your health. If overflows do occur, we will endeavour to respond within 2 hours of the report.


Service Connections

If you wish to apply for a water supply or sewerage service connection, the property owner will need to submit an application form to Council together with the appropriate fees/charges. Details may be obtained by contacting Council's Customer Service Centre.

Service connections will normally only be approved if the land is within the particular water supply or sewerage area and a reticulation main is available to, and capable of servicing your property.

Installation of new domestic 20mm water service connections will usually take place within 21 days after receiving your application and the fee for the service.

All water services to consumers are metered so that the volume of water supplied to a particular property can be determined. Council supplies and installs a meter with every connection. To allow for maintenance and reading, you must provide access to your meter at all reasonable times.

If a customer considers that a water meter is not recording accurately, application can be made together with payment of the nominated fee to have the meter checked. Council will arrange to test the meter within ten (10) working days of receipt of the request and the accompanying payment. If the meter is found to be reading greater than allowable tolerances the meter will be changed and the testing fee refunded accordingly.


Billing - Additional Information


Water Supply

A two part tariff method of charging has been adopted for all properties connected to the various Banana Shire Council water supply schemes. Under this method of charging customers pay an access charge and a consumption charge. The access charge will be billed on a six monthly basis on the rate notice and the consumption charge will be billed six monthly based on meter readings. Further details regarding the charges are provided on the rate notice. Raw water schemes billed as per budget resolution.



Sewerage charges vary depending on property type/use and will also now be billed on a six monthly basis on the rate notice.



Charges are also applied to vacant land within the water supply and sewerage areas in accordance with Council policy. Council currently offers discount for prompt payment of water and sewerage charges as per the rate notice. Discount is not applicable to consumption charges for the two-part tariff schemes, but will be available for the access charge component. Late or non-payment of accounts is handled as part of Rates Debt Recovery.


Customer Consultation

Where appropriate, consultation regarding water supply and/or sewerage services will be conducted in accordance with Banana Shire Council's Consultation Policy.


Complaints Handling/Dispute Resolution

Complaints regarding water supply and sewerage services will be dealt with in accordance with Banana Shire Council Policy - Community Dispute/Complaints Resolution Procedure.

Initially residents are invited to contact Council's Customer Service Centre on (07) 4992 9500 to discuss the issue. Written complaints should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer.