This page provides links to documentation in relation to currently advertised Tenders, Quotes and Contracts.


Details of Contracts Awarded Greater Than $200,000

Under the Local Government (Finance, Plans and Reporting) Regulation 2010 (Part 4, Section 186) Banana Shire Council is required to publish the following information for contracts awarded (after the 1st July 2010) that are worth $200,000 or more.

Contracts Awarded Greater Than $200,000






Tender: T17/18.4 - Preferred Suppliers - Supply and Delivery of Quarry Products 

Scope:  This contract includes the Supply, Cartage, of Quarry products as per the Schedule of Rates

Closes:  10.00am 6 July 2017


Tender: T16/17.23 Design and Construction of Sewer Pump Station

Scope:  Council invites tenders from interested parties for the Design and Construction of a Sewer Pump Station at Taroom Qld. Under the contract the Tenderer will allow for the provision of all plant, labour and materials necessary to complete the following works in accordance with the Tender Specification and associated concept design drawings.

Closes:  11.00am 19 July 2017


Tender: T17/18.5 - Supply of Bitumen Spraying, Spreading of Cover Aggregate and Traffic Control

Scope:  This contract includes the Supply, Cartage, Heating and Spraying of Bitumen/Cutback Bitumen/Rubberised Bitumen or Cartage, Heating and Spraying of Bitumen/Cutback Bitumen/Rubberised Bitumen at various locations throughout the Shire.  This contract also includes the incorporation, heating and spraying of cutter and additive and an option of spreading of cover aggregate. This contract includes the provision of Traffic Control and sampling of each sprayer load. This contract includes any or all works on the behalf of Banana Shire Council as Council requests however; may exclude any particular projects at the discrepancy of the Banana Shire Council.

Closes:  24 July 2017 11.00am



Tender: T17/18.3 - Preferred Suppliers for Plant Hire

Scope:  Council is seeking tenders to establish a Register of Preferred Suppliers - Hire of Plant and Equipment through a Wet Hire and Dry Hire arrangement. 

Advertised:  TBA




Tender: T17/18.6 - Preferred Suppliers for Traffic Control Services.

Scope:Council is seeking tenders to establish a Preferred Suppliers - Traffic Control Services. The purpose of this contract is to identify a pool of suitable suppliers to call upon for Intermittent Hire at various times throughout the year.

Advertised: TBA