Waste Services

Waste Disposal and Recycling Facilities

Banana Shire Council maintains eight waste transfer stations and three landfills. The 'Locations' tab below provides a list of the operator contact details and locations of our facilities.

Disposal Cost

Household recycling and waste will continue to be free to dispose (with the exception of tyres) at all Shire waste facilities.

Commercial (non-household) waste will be charged as per Council's Waste Management Disposal Fees if it cannot be recycled. Recycling of commercial waste is free.

Commercial waste is currently only accepted at Trap Gully Landfill; however plans are in place to accept and charge for small quantities of this waste at other Shire facilities.

Report Littering and Illegal Dumping

It is an offence to dump waste material unlawfully. Common illegally dumped items include household waste, garden waste, building waste, tyres and asbestos.

Littering and illegal dumping pollutes the environment and some waste types can come with significant public health risks. Clean up costs can be high and are often borne by ratepayers.

It is important to report any incidents of illegal dumping so that it can be investigated and stopped. When you report an incident, your details will remain confidential.

Report to:-

  • Banana Shire Council; or
  • The Department of Environment and Science as follows:

Online: www.qld.gov.au/litter

Email: Illegaldumping@des.qld.gov.au

Phone: 24/7 Pollution Hotline - 1300 130 372.

Waste Documents

Access Council waste application forms

View Banana Shire Council Waste Reduction Recycling Plan

Asbestos guide for minor renovations

Worm farming factsheet

Composting factsheet

Queensland Government Waste Levy

The Queensland Government introduced a levy on all waste going to landfill on 1 July 2019. The levy is a key component of the Government’s new Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy aimed at increasing recycling and waste recovery, reducing the volume of waste that goes to landfill and creating new jobs.

The levy will be enforced by Local Governments that fall within the levy zone. The proposed levy zone includes 39 out of 77 government areas, including Banana Shire. This covers around 90 per cent of Queensland’s population.

Waste going to landfill will incur the relevant levy rate unless the waste is both generated and disposed of in the 'non-levy zone'. Charges through wheelie bin services will not include GST, however, waste facility gate fees will attract GST. There are exemptions for some specific types of waste, such as waste that results from a declared disaster and lawfully managed and transported asbestos.

Further information on the waste levy in the Banana Shire can be found on the following fact sheet:

Waste levy factsheet

Or on the Queensland Government website:


Container Refund Scheme

The Queensland Government has introduced a state-wide container refund scheme called ‘Containers for Change.’ The scheme has been introduced to reduce the amount of beverage containers that litter our environment and to improve recycling rates in Queensland.

This scheme will provide an incentive for people to collect and return eligible containers for recycling in exchange for a refund.

Who is introducing the scheme?

The Queensland Government is introducing the container refund scheme. Further information can be found on the Queensland Government website


Who is running the scheme?

The Queensland Government has appointed Container Exchange (CoEx) to develop and run the scheme. For further information visit http://containerexchange.com.au/

How does the scheme work and which containers are eligible?

To discover how the scheme works and which containers are eligible visit: ‘Containers for Change’ website at https://www.containersforchange.com.au/how-it-works

How much is the refund?

The ‘Containers for Change’ scheme gives people a 10-cent refund for each eligible container when returned to a container refund point.

Where are the container refund points in Banana Shire?

  • Biloela Transfer Station
  • Kanga Bins, 21 Okano Street, Moura
  • Western Downs Outreach Project mobile/ pop-up refund point, Taroom

For the full list visit https://www.containersforchange.com.au/where-can-i-return

How can community and charity groups take part?

Visit the Queensland Government website for details at



Container for Refund



Landfill or Transfer Station Contact Days/Hours of Operation

Biloela Transfer Station

Calvale Road Biloela (Manned Site)

View location of Transfer Station map


RA & JC Stapleton T/A Vactec Waste Solutions

Contact Person: Mick  Watson

Mobile: 0448 098 779

Waste Facility:

7am to 5:30pm - 7 days per week
(Closed Christmas Day & Good Friday)

Containers for Change:

7am to 12pm and 1:30pm to 4pm - 7 days per week

Biloela Trap Gully Landfill

Forestry Road Biloela (Manned Site)

View location of Landfill map

BSC Senior Waste Management Coordinator or Trap Gully Landfill Operator

(07) 4992 9500

Refer to Council's Fees & Charges

7am to 4pm - Monday to Friday
(Closed Public Holidays)

Moura Transfer Station

Dawson Highway
(Manned Site)

View location of Transfer Station map


AT & CA Large

Contact Person/s:

Tony or Sandra Large

Mobile: 0428 736 861

7am to 5.30pm - 7 days per week
(Closed Public Holidays)


Taroom Landfill

Leichhardt Highway

View location of Landfill map

BSC Senior Waste Management Coordinator

(07) 4992 9500

24 hours - 7 days per week


Banana Transfer Station

Barfield Road

View location of Transfer Station map


AT & CA Large

Contact Person/s:

Tony or Sandra Large

Mobile: 0428 736 861

24 hours - 7 days per week


Baralaba Transfer Station

Ashfield Road Extension

View location of Transfer Station map

BSC Senior Waste Management Coordinator

(07) 4992 9500

24 hours - 7 days per week


Thangool Transfer Station

Corner Burnett Hwy and Cocks Millard Road

View  location of Transfer Station map


RA & JC Stapleton T/A Vactec Waste Solutions

Contact Person: Mick  Watson

Mobile: 0448 098 779

24 hours - 7 days per week


Wowan Transfer Station

Dee River Road

View location of Transfer Station map

BSC Senior Waste Management Coordinator

(07) 4992 9500

24 hours - 7 days per week


Jambin Transfer Station

Jambin-Goovigen Road

View location of Transfer Station map

BSC Senior Waste Management Coordinator

(07) 4992 9500

24 hours - 7 days per week


Theodore Transfer Station

Goolaara-Heinekes Road

View location of Transfer Station map

BSC Senior Waste Management Coordinator

(07) 4992 9500

24 hours - 7 days per week


Cracow Landfill

Nathan Gorge Road

View location of Landfill map

BSC Senior Waste Management Coordinator

(07) 4992 9500

24 hours - 7 days per week



Kerbside Waste Collection 

Weekly kerbside bin collections are provided by Council in most town areas for general waste disposal. Additional collection dats are available for commercial premises in Biloela and Moura.

On your collection day, please ensure your bins are placed on the kerb by 6am. Face the lid openings to the road, no more than a metre from the kerb edge and at least one metre apart when there is more than one bin.

Additional information for correct wheelie bin usage and Banana Shire bin collection days is also available.

A-Z Waste Recycling and Disposal

Council is keen to encourage recycling and the recovery of as much material as possible from waste produced by our community. There are many opportunities available to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Ultimately however, avoiding the waste being produced in the first place if possible is the best option.

With the introduction of the Queensland waste levy on 1 July 2019, minimising waste to landfill will help to reduce the amount of levy you have to pay.

All recycling materials are free to dispose at Council waste facilities when placed in the correct locations.

To assist in determining what products can be recycled or otherwise diverted from landfill, Council has developed the following fact sheet.

A-Z of Banana Shire Waste Recycling and Disposal Fact Sheet

For further information or questions regarding recycling in our Shire, please contact Council Waste Services on (07) 4992 9500.

Green Waste

Council encourages the separation of green waste materials at our waste facilities.  Green waste includes branches and garden clippings. Domestic and commercial green waste is free to drop off at all waste facilities except Trap Gully Landfill.

Raw, clean timber (free of nails, screws, asbestos, paint and contaminants) can also be added to the green waste stockpiles at Council’s transfer stations.

This material is then shredded and made available for use as mulch, reducing unnecessary waste to landfill. To provide a useable product, stockpiles must be clean and free of rubbish.

Council mulches the green waste and offers it to the public free of charge at most waste facilities.  Delivery is available at a cost.

Waste Management Masterplan

Council has received funding from the State Government to develop a Waste Management Masterplan.

Waste management infrastructure has been identified as a strategic priority for the community. The purpose of the Masterplan is to create a comprehensive plan of action for the next 15 years to provide the community with sustainable waste management services.

Old problems, new solutions

A component of this Masterplanning exercise is to investigate the use of innovative technologies for waste management as part of Council’s commitment to maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment for the community.

Future options for waste management

We are now in the development phase of the Masterplan where different options for future waste management are explored and considered. Input from the community into the Masterplan has been undertaken through online and face-to-face surveys so that Council can better understand community views about existing waste management practices in the Shire.

Why the Masterplan is important

The completed Masterplan will inform Council’s waste management decision making, planning, and budgeting. It will also identify what is required to meet community needs and expectations so that we can achieve sustainable waste management practices into the future.

The Waste Management Masterplan will address improvement of waste management services offered in the Shire while also considering the costs involved in providing the services.


drumMUSTER provides Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a recycling pathway for eligible agvet chemical containers.   For more information about the program you can contact the local regional consultant, Colin Hoey, on mobile 0428 964 576 or call 1800 008 707.  Containers must be properly rinsed and cleaned according to cleanliness standards otherwise they will be rejected. 

Collection sites are located at:


Biloela Transfer Station

Collections available during normal hours of operation 7am to 5:30pm - 7 days per week
. Notify contractor or other staff on site on arrival. 

Moura Transfer Station

Collections available during normal hours of operation, 7am to 5:30pm - 7 days per week. Notify contractor or other staff on site on arrival

Theodore Aerodrome Eidsvold-Theodore Rd, Theodore Qld 4719

Collections by appointment only.  Contact Theodore Council Operator on 0408 199 247 to arrange a suitable time.

Taroom Works Depot

Collections by appointment only.  Contact Council on ph. 07 4992 9500 for bookings or for further information.

Wowan - Dixalea area

Operated by the Wowan State School P and C.  Contact  Brian Morretti on ph. 07 4937 1352 to arrange a suitable delivery time.

Banana Shire On Farm Processing Service

Available for large numbers of drums. 500+.   Contact Council on 07 4992 9500  or Drummuster on Phone    02 6206 6888

Find out more information about drumMUSTER.

If you have any chemicals that you haven't used or won't use up, contact ChemClear (Ph. 1800 008 182) whose goal is to "collect unwanted rural chemicals by providing a safe and easy collection and disposal service for all chemical users within Australia"


DrumMUSTER, ChemClear