Water Meter

Banana Shire Council

Water Meter

Banana Shire Councils water meters are read twice a year by our water meter readers and may also be checked at random. Further details regarding the charges are provided on the rate notice. Raw water schemes billed as per budget resolution.

How to Read your water Meter

The following diagram helps you read your water meter and keep track of how much water your household is using.
Most meters are metric and read in kilolitres as follows:


This reads 7,894.62 kilolitres which is equal to 7,894,620 litres.


Water leaks  —  Who is responsible?

It is inevitable that water pipes and fittings will leak. As the property owner, you are responsible for any leaks occurring on the property side of the water meter. Council is responsible for any water leaks at the water meter and on the road side of the water meter. Water leaks on the road side of the water meter will not result in a consumption charge for you as the water has not yet passed through the water meter. Council will repair all leaks on the road side of the water meter at no charge.


Leaks and Consumption test

If you believe that the reading on your Water Notice is excessive, you should conduct a leak and consumption test at home to determine if you have an internal leak that may be the cause of the high usage.

How to conduct a leak test

  • Turn off all taps on the property
  • Take a reading of the water meter (all digits)
  • Do not use any water for a period of four or five hours
  • Take another reading of the water meter after four or five hours.

If the meter reading has changed and shows consumption then this would indicate there is a leak within the internal system. An internal leak is the responsibility of the property owner as it occurs within their property boundaries. A plumber should be called to fix an internal leak.


Refer to Detecting Leaks fact sheet for further information.