On-The-Spot Fines for People Dumping Prohibited Waste

On-The-Spot Fines for People Dumping Prohibited Waste

Published: 30th January 2019

Council reminds people that the disposal of this type of waste at its waste collection facilities is not only dangerous, but illegal.

Signs at all Council operated waste collection facilities clearly show that the disposal of hot materials (eg ash and coals), regulated and hazardous waste (eg asbestos), tyres and large loads is prohibited.

The Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 also prohibits the disposal of the following at a waste facility.

  • Liquid or semiliquid
  • Hot ash
  • Material that is smouldering or aflame
  • Material that can spontaneously combust
  • Material containing a substance that may be harmful to water, it may produce toxic gases or become corrosive or explosive;
  • An explosive;  or
  • Ammunition.

People caught disposing of any of these prohibited materials will be issued with an on-the-spot fine of up to $261 per offence.

Banana Shire Mayor Nev Ferrier said the disposal of these waste types was illegal for a very good reason.

“Some of these materials are dangerous and hazardous to the public,”, said Cr. Ferrier.

“Others can create fires which can be difficult to extinguish, cause health issues for Council staff and members of the public using the facilities. These fires also cause damage to property and facilities which are costly to repair. It is also extremely inconvenient to the public if these facilities have to be closed while the site is rendered safe and repaired following a fire..

“Residents should also be careful not to dispose of items like oils, car batteries, pool chlorine, high grade bleach chemicals and other potentially hazardous material in their wheelie bins,”, Cr. Ferrier.