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Current Tenders

Tender: T20/21.6 Ghinghinda Road Bridge Design and Construct  
Scope:  Banana Shire Council requires the design and construction of a single lane bridge or suitable alternative as per the technical specifications for this tender. Tualka Creek Bridge is located on Ghinghinda Road approximately 44.0 kilometres North of Taroom and accessible from the Leichhardt Highway and Taroom Bauhinia Downs Road.  
Closes:  11.00am   28 July 2021  

Notice 1 - Query to Tender 

A post has been made to the above tender . This post contains important information about this tender. It is recommended that you read and print the Notice for your records.



Upcoming Tenders


These tenders will be available for viewing in the upcoming months. No date has been set for the documents to go live and Council advises to access the tender page on a regular basis.


Contracts Awarded Greater Than $200,000

Under the Local Government (Finance, Plans and Reporting) Regulation 2012 (Part 4, Section 237) Banana Shire Council is required to publish the following information for contracts awarded (after the 1st July 2010) that are worth $200,000 or more.

Tenders Awarded Greater Than $200.000