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The Banana Shire Council is responsible for undertaking land use planning and development control including administering its current planning schemes and ensuring new development is carried out in a fair, orderly and sustainable manner.

Planning Scheme

A planning scheme provides future direction and guides the way development occurs in a local government area. They can help Council to:

  • ensure that there is enough land available for housing, parks, community facilities, industry and business uses
  • ensure that incompatible land uses do not impact on one another
  • ensure development is designed and carried out appropriately
  • protect resources such as waterways, vegetation and agricultural land
  • provide more efficient infrastructure such as water, sewerage and road networks.

The Banana Shire Council presently administers two planning schemes:

Banana Shire Planning Scheme Alignment Amendment includes LGIP

Taroom Shire Planning Scheme Alignment Amendment includes LGIP

Superseded Planning Schemes

To view Council's superseded planning schemes, pleae click the below links:

Superseded Banana Shire Planning Scheme 2005

Superseded Taroom Shire Planning Scheme 2006

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Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2015

On 24 June 2015, Council resolved to adopt Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2015 in accordance with section 630 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2015 replaces Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2013. Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2015 has effect on and from 29 June 2015 (day stated in the resolution) and is available via the link below. 

Charges 2015 Resolution (No. 1) 2015

Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2013

On 5 March 2013, Council made 'Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (Version No. 1) 2013'. The Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2013 was advertised on 11 April 2013 in the Chinchilla News and on 12 April 2013 in the Central Telegraph newspapers.

Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution No.1 2013

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Banana Shire Council - Floodplain Resolution

BSC - Floodplain Resolution

Development Applications

Council is responsible for the statutory function of processing development applications for assessable development under the Planning Act 2016. Council's planning schemes and the Planning Act 2016 detail when a development application is required.

Development Application Forms can be downloaded from the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning's website.

Development Application Fees and Charges can be viewed here.

A of number Development Application Factsheets have been prepared to assist the public in understanding the requirements for particular development types and are available below:

Extractive Industries Fact Sheet

Intensive Animal Husbandry Fact Sheet

Charges Resolution Fact sheet

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Current Development Applications

Please click to view the Current Development Application List

Current Development Applications

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Making a Submission on a Development Application

A submission is a written comment about a development application made by any interested member of the community (for example, person, group or organisation) about a development application.

Further information on making a submission about a development application please view the Department Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning Factsheet available here

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Accepted Development

For certain development types in particular zones the level of assessment may be described as Accepted Development. Accepted Development does not require a development application under the Council's planning scheme. However, Accepted Development may be required to comply with the relevant assessment criteria stated in the planning scheme.

If you wish to confirm that your proposal is Accepted Development please contact the Council.

In most circumstances Accepted Development will require approval for building works which can be sought from a building certifier (Private or Council).

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Exemption Certificates

Council's Exemption Certificate Register

Exemption Certificates

Planning Enquiry and Pre-Lodgement Meetings

Council provides a free planning enquiry and pre-lodgement meeting service.

If you would like to enquire about a potential development proposal please contact Council on (07) 49929500 or

A pre-lodgement meeting provides the opportunity for applicants to discuss a proposal prior to lodging a formal development application. This will usually involve consideration of preliminary plans and details as well as the identification of any issues.

A pre-lodgement meeting is not suitable for general enquiries.

If you are ready for a pre-lodgement meeting please complete and send in the Pre-lodgement Request Form.

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Public Access to Planning and Development Information

The Planning Act 2016 requires a local government to make certain planning and development information available for inspection or inspection and purchase.

Should you wish to access such information please contact contact Council on (07) 49929500 or

Planning and development certificates are also available including:

  • Limited planning and development certificate – includes:
    • summary of provisions of planning scheme applying specifically to the premises i.e. zone, overlays and infrastructure charges schedule.
    • any State planning regulatory provisions that apply.
    • any designations that apply.
  • Standard planning and development certificate – includes:
    • Limited planning and development certificate information.
    • copies of statutory notices including any ‘decision notice' issued for the premises.
  • Full planning and development certificate  – includes:
    • Limited and standards planning and development certificate information.
    • statements about the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of conditions of approval.
    • details of prosecutions for development offences.

If you would like to find out full details on what is provided under each type of planning and development certificate please refer to the relevant sections of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 available here.

To request a planning and development certificate please complete this form Town Planning Search Request Form.

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