Renewable Energy Landholders Toolkit

Renewable Energy solar windfarm

A new renewable energy toolkit coming soon for Queensland landholders

On Wednesday 5 July, the Queensland Farmers Federation (QFF) released a new resource to provide information and practical guidance for landholders considering hosting a renewable energy project on their property.

The Landholder Toolkit was developed to best support farmers entering into a renewable energy project on their property.

The Toolkit will contain:

  • Detailed checklists to use throughout the developer negotiation process.
  • Practical guidance for each stage of a renewable energy project development.
  • Insights from legal and financial professionals, government bodies and landholders who have undertaken these processes themselves.
  • Information on benefit sharing, community engagement and social license considerations.
  • Extensive resources.

With Queensland containing significant prime farmland it is essential that any potential impacts on the productivity of the agricultural sector are carefully considered throughout the rollout of renewable energy projects. This resource will offer the sector a tool to help negotiate for mutually beneficial land sharing agreements, and allows landholders to make confident, informed decisions regarding their land usage.

The Toolkit was developed in partnership with the Queensland Government.

Queensland Renewable Energy Landholder Toolkit (the Toolkit)