Splash Park: Where Should It Go?

splash park

Make a splash and have your say about where Bilo's new water park should be located.

splash park


The community of Biloela is set to receive a new splash park, made possible by funding from the Queensland government's Resources Community Infrastructure Fund (RCIF). The fund has allocated $2.7 million for the project, which will be sufficient to construct a small splash park. It is important to note that the park is not intended to be a large series of structures and rides like a theme park, but rather a zero-depth splash park suitable for infants and young families. The designs for the park are currently being finalised but may include features such as a tipping bucket and other water-based amusement features.

As the project progresses, an important question to consider is the optimal location for the park. Several potential sites have been proposed, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

One option is to locate the park close to the centre of town, such as Melton Park, which would make it easily accessible for residents and visitors. However, this could also lead to increased traffic and parking issues in the surrounding area.

Another possibility is to place the park in a more secluded area, which would provide a more peaceful and natural setting for visitors and allow for growth but could also make the park less accessible for some residents and may require additional infrastructure.

The community is being asked for their input on the location of the park. Residents can provide feedback online or through print.  As the discussion on the best location for the new splash park continues, the community is encouraged to consider the pros and cons of each proposed location and provide their feedback. With input from residents, a location can be chosen that will best serve the needs of the community.

So where should it go?

Below are the proposed locations, with each considered according to the:

  • Access to Local Families (Access by foot, access for prams, all abilities access friendly.)

  • Support to Local Business (Flow on foot traffic to the retail precinct.)

  • Support to Visitors (Parking for caravans, visibility, and easy access.)

  • Ease to construct and maintain (Flood risk, security considerations, cost-effectiveness)

  • Opportunity to grow the facility (Space available to expand the facility.)


We have given each one a star rating according to how suitable they are regarding the above criteria, but we’d like to hear from you.


Melton Park
Rsz star rating 04

Located in proximity to the central business district and characterised by ease of construction and maintenance, Melton Park is a highly suitable location for the proposed splash park. The presence of established infrastructure would enable the allocated funding to be used more efficiently. According to estimates by the council, positioning the splash park in Melton Park would result in cost savings of $400,000 for the community and would also serve to benefit local businesses and be well-frequented by residents.

Lions Park
Rsz star rating 01

The proposed location of the splash park at Lions Park, situated on the Dawson Highway en route to Gladstone, is farther from the central business district, but still offers potential benefits to local families and businesses. Additionally, the location is relatively easy to construct and allows for potential expansion in the future.

QLD Rail Reserve (Callide Street)
Rsz star rating 04

The proposed location of the Queensland Rail Reserve, situated opposite Callide Street, offers convenient accessibility for local families and visitors, and the potential to support local businesses. The location also boasts ample space for potential expansion in the future.

Biloela PCYC (Valentine Plains Road)
Rsz star rating 01

The proposed location of the splash park at the PCYC site on Valentine Plains Road is relatively close to the council offices, and as such is less convenient for local families or visitors. Additionally, it is unlikely that it would provide significant support to local businesses. However, the location does offer the potential for future expansion.

Civic Centre Precinct (Rainbow Street)
Rsz star rating 02

The positioning of a splash park in the Civic Centre Precinct offers several benefits, such as ample space for expansion and proximity to a high concentration of residents. However, it must be noted that this location would not be favourable for local businesses.

Callide Dam
Rsz star rating 02

The location of the Callide Dam may prove to be a desirable destination for tourists visiting the town, however, it would not be favourable for the residents of the community and would not sustain local businesses as it is situated at a considerable distance. One significant advantage of this location would be the potential for expansion.

Biloela Information Centre (Valentine Plains Road)
Rsz star rating 04

The Biloela Information Centre, while it may be suitable for tourists, does not present an ideal situation for local families or businesses. Additionally, the location does not provide opportunities for further growth and development.

Let us know which locations you think the new Splash Park should go by filling out the survey below and choosing up to three possible locations.

Thank you for your participation in this survey. This survey has been closed. The council is currently in the process of reviewing all the submissions that have been received. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we carefully consider all feedback. We will inform you of the results in a timely manner. Once again, thank you for taking the time to participate in this important process.