Tenders and Quotations

Tenders and Quotations

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why did Council change its procurement system to VendorPanel

Banana Shire Council has introduced VendorPanel Marketplace in an effort to increase the number of opportunities and spending driven into the local economy.  VendorPanel Marketplace is a procurement platform that will help Council buyers find local suppliers and award contracts.


How do I find more information about VendorPanel Marketplace with Banana Shire Council?

Please contact Banana Shire Council’s Procurement team at: enquiries@banana.qld.gov.au


What happens when I register?

You will receive an email notification when there is a new quote in your category, in the geographic area that you service. It’s fast and easy to review the requirements and submit your quote.


What does this mean for local businesses and suppliers?

  • VendorPanel Marketplace will make local businesses more visible to Council buyers.
  • Council encourages local suppliers/ businesses to register their business details with VendorPanel Marketplace
  • Council purchasing staff will have immediate access to a wide range of suppliers/ businesses to approach for quotations on upcoming work.
  • When Council has the need for any products or services, staff will be able to search, nominate and invite local suppliers/ businesses registered on the system to quote for upcoming work.


What are the key features for local Businesses and Suppliers to register with VendorPanel Marketplace?

  • Registering with VendorPanel Marketplace is completely free for suppliers/businesses.  It means you will be able to receive timely quote requests from Council and be able to submit quotes quickly and easily.
  • VendorPanel Marketplace is easy to use
  • No pre-qualification is necessary for businesses/ suppliers to register
  • Businesses and suppliers will be more visible and accessible to Council purchasing staff
  • Businesses and suppliers will not have to spend as much time quoting
  • It will be easier for businesses/ suppliers to respond to a Council request for a quote
  • VendorPanel Marketplace provides opportunities for businesses and suppliers to be visible to other Councils and government entities within Australia that utilise VendorPanel Marketplace


Is it really free?

Yes it is completely free for suppliers to register, receive and respond to invitations.


What if I already have a Vendor Panel Account?

Register using your existing account using your email address so everything can be managed in one place. If your organisation has more than one user, ask your VendorPanel Administrator to register for the Marketplace using their user details so all of your information stays linked.

If you are already registered in VendorPanel (eg for Tender purposes and/or Local Buy arrangements) it is still required to register in the Marketplace area to ensure Council buyers see that your organisation is available for receiving quotations in the categories that suit your business.


Can I register under more than one category?

Yes you can register under more than one category.  When doing so please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the VendorPanel market place website www.vendorpanel.com.au
  2. Click on the category and sub categories that best suit your business
  3. Enter the business name, email address and follow the screen prompts (ensuring that the email address is the same as the one used when setting up the account)
  4. An email will be sent to the email addresses provided confirming details
  5. Click on the email and log into the businesses profile
  6. Check that the additional categories have been added to the business profile


Why is choosing my category so important when registering?

Local businesses and suppliers should register in all the categories that best represent the goods and/ or services available to Council.  This will help raise awareness with Council purchasing staff that a business/ supplier exists in a particular category.


What if you are on a supplier list with another colleague and you decline an invitation, can the colleague still access that Quote?

Yes they can. An example is that you could have 5 colleagues on a list and they will all receive an invitation to Quote posted to that list.  If one person declines to respond, they will no longer receive notifications regarding that particular opportunity. Other colleagues can still respond to the request and the Vendor Administrator will be able to see if there is a response submitted or in draft.  Only if the Administrator declines to respond will the opportunity close and the buyer be notified.


What if your product or services are not listed as a category on Marketplace?

If your product or service is not listed please email VendorPanel directly on support@vendorpanel.com.au


How do I see what my company looks like to Council?

If you click on “Supplier lists you manage” from your dashboard there is the option to ‘preview details’. This will bring up your profile as it is displayed to buyers.


How do I register?

Simply go to www.vendorpanel.com.au/marketplace