Banana Shire Road Safety Management Reference Group

The Banana Shire Road Safety Management Reference Group is an advisory committee consisting of members of the Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance Service, Department of Transport & Main Roads, Queensland Fire & Rescue and Council. The Committee has been appointed by Council to investigate issues relating to road safety and to make recommendations to Council to address these matters.

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Road Safety Management Strategy

Banana Shire Council has received various community requests for the improvement of traffic management on the local streets of Banana Shire. In response to these requests, Council has commissioned the creation of the Road Safety Management Strategy. The Strategy is to help determine where and what type of traffic management works Council should plan and construct on the streets of Banana Shire.

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Banana Shire Road Safety Survey

In order to create the best outcome for the Shire, Council asks for feedback from residents regarding the state of the existing road network and locations where you believe traffic management should be constructed to improve safety. Council believes that your experience and knowledge of your local area and the problems which exist within it will be of key importance in assisting Council to create a desirable outcome for the future of the shire road network. You can do this by completing the resident satisfaction survey below and returning it to us.

Road Safety Survey

Attach your completed survey document to an e-mail addressed to council at or, print out your completed copy and mail it to us at:

Banana Shire Council
PO Box 412

If your concerns relate to the condition of roads (potholes etc), please contact Council's Infrastructure Services department on (07) 4992 9500 or email

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Road Safety Factsheets

The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) is one of the leading centres in Australia dedicated to research, education and outreach activities in road safety, and is a vital player in the international pursuit of road safety. CARRS-Q has a range of fact sheets that provide general information on road safety issues.

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Queensland Current Road Safety Campaigns

When it comes to road safety, we all have a role to play. To see how you can get involved, check out our latest road safety campaign and join the drive to save lives.

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More Information

If you have any queries relating to Road Safety or would like to provide us with further comment, please contact Banana Shire Council's Technical Services Section on (07) 4992 9500 or email Council at

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