ImageMayor's Message

The past financial year has seen Council continue its strategy of enhancing the financial sustainability of our organisation, yielding positive results and making important improvements to our community.


By fixing the flood-damaged roads and completing funded projects, we’ve made our community safer and more resilient. Heavy rains made road maintenance tricky, but we’re catching up on repairs now that things have improved, and we’re making great progress.

Our parks and gardens have thrived despite challenges. With strategic changes, we aim to ensure tidier lawns and gardens in key community focal points.

Our local economy is doing well, with new energy projects boosting growth. Even with these new opportunities, traditional industries like coal, farming, and power generation will remain important.

We’ve started the Economic Development Advisory Committee to help local businesses thrive.

We’re excited about creating new opportunities for our community. We accomplished major projects this year, like a new sewerage plant and upgraded roads.

Looking ahead, we have exciting projects lined up, including the Moura Library/Museum, the new building at Moura Pool, road expansions and seals, and the much-anticipated Biloela Splash Park.

We know there will be challenges, especially with materials and workers being scarce. In a year marked by social events and relatively stable conditions, inflationary pressures were a shared concern. 

We have managed to keep rates well below the inflation rate, demonstrating our dedication to easing the financial burdens on our community. I want to express my  appreciation for the  community’s unwavering  support and resilience.

Together, we’ve navigated challenges,  celebrated milestones, and laid the groundwork for a brighter future.

As we march ahead, I am confident that our  collective efforts will continue to take our Shire to new heights.


Cr Neville Ferrier

Banana Shire Council