ImageMayor's Message

Waste Management and ensuring Banana Shire satisfies all the requirements and regulations under the State Government’s legislation is the biggest challenge facing our staff at present.

Council will be altering how its waste facilities operate with the biggest changes occurring at our smaller sites. This includes proposed changes to opening days and hours, having the sites fenced and manned and providing improved recycling opportunities.

To ensure that all affected residents understand the changes and why they are needed, Council engaged in an extensive information program and rolled out community engagement sessions at key locations across the shire.

One of the key changes being made by the State Government is the introduction of the Waste Levy. More detailed information about the levy and what it means for both residents and business operators can be found on this website.

Please take the time to view these pages to find out more about other changes being introduced as part of Council’s new waste management strategy.

The Shire has been severely impacted by the prolonged dry and it was pleasing to see that the State Government recognised the effect it was having on our communities and as a result issued a shire-wide drought declaration status.

I urge primary producers doing it tough, as a result of dry conditions, to consider taking advantage of the assistance program offered by the government now that this status has been issued.

It was terrific to hear Federal Member for Flynn make a $750,000 funding commitment to the Banana Shire Community Resource Centre expansion project.

Our Shire is envied across the nation because of the wonderful services and facilities provided by our Community Resource Centre (CRC).

For children, adults and families with identified needs to have access to the specialised allied health support, resources and equipment provided by the CRC is a blessing and this vital funding will ensure they can enhance and expand on the invaluable services they provide.

In other funding news, Council has $3.3 million from the Federal Government to upgrade and repair key roads and bridges. These projects will improve road safety and provide better transport links for many of our rural residents

The 2019/20 budget for Banana Shire Council was the final budget for this term of Council.

Once again there were many challenges in preparing and setting this budget and it has been prepared based on Council’s long term financial forecast, asset management plans, community plans, operational plans and budget workshops.

Council again has endeavoured to keep rates at an affordable level by applying a 1.85% rate increase across the board on general rates and utility charges for the 2019/20 financial year.

This will result in the rate increase potentially being more than 1.85% on some properties in several rating categories.

Whilst there were no property revaluations for the financial year Council has retained rate capping in several categories in order to smooth the impact of the previous revaluation.

This budget has a significant level of capital works totalling some $25 million, including some $12 million for roads, streets and drainage and some $6.6 million for water and sewerage whilst the road maintenance budget has been increased to $5.75 million.

Cr Neville Ferrier

Banana Shire Council