Environmental Sustainability

environmental sustainabliity

Environmental Policies

Council has adopted the following environmental policy:

Banana Shire Council Environmental Policy

Environmental Obligations

Legislation, such as the Environmental Protection Act 1994, places a general environmental duty on everyone to minimise impacts on the environment through discharges to air, land and water and management of waste and noise emissions.

Council has developed a set of Environmental Obligations to inform individuals, contractors or businesses of their obligations in undertaking any work or development that may impact on the environment. 

For more information please contact Counci's Environmental Services Section.

Living Sustainably

Sustainable living means choosing a lifestyle that reduces the impact we have on the environment.   Making changes to our daily habits and choices, both big and small can make a huge difference toward caring for our environment.  Sustainable living helps to support a healthy future for our community and helps to protect the environment that supports us all.

Ways to Live more Sustainably
  • Start a worm farm or compost bin
  • Minimise food waste
  • Use more energy efficient appliances
  • Grow your own fruit and vegetables
  • Reduce single use plastic
  • Plant more native plants
  • Reuse, recycle or repurpose
  • Encourage wildlife and habitat
  • Become water wise
  • Recycling responsibly (refer A-Z of Waste Recycling & Disposal Fact Sheet) 
  • Homemade gift giving & festive food
  • Become a member of a community garden
  • Protect waterways