Environmental Sustainability

environmental sustainabliity


Council’s Environmental Sustainability Policy aims to integrate a philosophy of ecological development into all Council activities and to establish and promote sound environmental practice within operations.

Environmental Obligations

Legislative environmental obligations are placed on individuals and organisations to protect the natural environment and amenity.

For example, the Environmental Protection Act 1994, places a general environmental duty and duty to notify of environmental harm on all Queenslanders.  

Council has developed a set of Environmental Obligations to inform individuals, contractors or businesses of their legal obligations when undertaking any work or development that may impact the environment. These include requirements to minimise and control releases to air, land and water, protect biodiversity, and manage the impact of waste and noise.

For more information, please contact Council's Environmental Services.

Living Sustainably

Sustainable living means choosing a lifestyle that reduces the impact we have on the environment.

To live more sustainably:
  • Start a worm farm or compost bin
  • Minimise food waste
  • Use more energy efficient appliances
  • Grow your own fruit and vegetables
  • Reduce single use plastic
  • Plant more native plants
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle or repurpose
  • Encourage native wildlife and habitat
  • Become waterwise
  • Recycling responsibly (refer A-Z of Waste Recycling & Disposal Fact Sheet) 
  • Homemade gift giving & festive food
  • Become a member of a community garden
  • Protect waterways