Renewable Energy Community Engagement

renewable energy

The Queensland Government is building Renewable Energy Zones to achieve its commitment that 50% of the State’s energy use will be powered by renewable energy by 2030, 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035.

Renewable Energy Zones (known as REZs) will help ensure coordinated development of renewable energy infrastructure in Queensland regions that drive local benefits.

Before a REZ can be declared, the Queensland Government has to undertake a thorough readiness assessment to understand the opportunities and potential impacts. The first to be assessed is the proposed Callide REZ in Banana Shire, one of four proposed for Central Queensland.

Council is working closely with the Queensland Government as it assesses how ready Banana Shire is for the growth of renewable energy projects over the next decade. Council has been highlighting our shire’s needs for suitable roads and bridges, local jobs and supply chain opportunities, housing and short-term accommodation, and responsible development that protects valuable agricultural lands and the environment.

The Queensland Government will be out in Banana Shire in June, July and August talking to people to get a clear understanding of community needs, concerns and priorities and to ensure local views shape the development of renewable energy in our area.

Council encourages you to take the opportunity to have your say so that our communities and local businesses benefit now and into the future.

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