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Council is responsible for the statutory function of processing development applications for assessable development under the Planning Act 2016. Council's planning schemes and the Planning Act 2016 detail when a development application is required.

Code Assessable or Impact Assessable Development

For most development types, the level of assessment will be described as Code Assessable or Impact Assessable. These developments require a development application under the Council’s Planning Schemes. The appropriate Development Application Forms can be downloaded from the State Government’s website. For any application fee information please refer to Council’s fees and charges.

Making a Submission

Impact Assessable development requires the applicant to notify the public of the proposed development and allow the public to make a submission for or against the development. A submission is a written comment about a development application made by an interested member of the community (for example; person, group or organisation) about the development application.

Accepted Development

For certain development types, in particular zones, the level of assessment may be described as Accepted Development. Accepted Development does not require a development application under the Council’s Planning Scheme, however it may be required to comply with relevant assessment criteria stated in the planning scheme.

In most circumstances, Accepted Development will require approval for building work which can be sought through a building certifier (Council or Private)

If you wish to confirm your proposal as Accepted Development please contact Council.


A number of Development Application Factsheets have been prepared to assist the public in understanding the requirements for particular development types and are available below:

Extractive Industries Fact Sheet

Intensive Animal Husbandry Fact Sheet

Charges Resolution Fact sheet

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