CANCELLED - Jambin Champagne Campdraft

CANCELLED - Jambin Champagne Campdraft

Date: 5th September 2020 - 6th September 2020 Every day

Location: Jambin Recreation Grounds Jambin, QLD 4702

Cost: Entry fee applies

Due to Covid-19 this event has been cancelled in 2020.

Distinctively Australian, campdrafts are a ritual of the drover, harking back to the mid-1880’s and passed down through generations. Hard, fast and unforgiving, good natured gamesmanship between mates around the campfire sparked the now furious campdraft competition that honours the elite in mustering and drafting skills and Jambin Champagne Campdraft is no exception!

Held in townships large and small right across the country, the heats are a crowd favourite as riders and their horses pitch their skills against man, beast and clock. Not a sport for the faint hearted, you have to have plenty of bull dust in your veins to want to try your chances at a title. But stock men, women and children still line up to do just that. Balance, timing and strength are on full show as riders cut one beast, steer or stag away from the herd and guide them into the camp (arena). Suddenly, everything happens at whip cracking speed, horse and rider with only seconds to guide the animal through a course and figure eights and then through the gates (flags).

Held at the Jambin Recreation Reserves, onsite catering and camping are available throughout the meets.  Keep up to date with information from their Facebook page 'Jambin Champagne Campdraft'.