Discarded Symphonies

Discarded Symphonies - Cuboard
Nora Hanasy

Image: Nora Hanasy, 2022, Portrait in Studio, Image courtesy of the artist


Discarded Symphonies 

Nora Hanasy 

12 March - 28 April 2022



Music and instruments play an important part in many aspects of our lives especially in ceremonies and celebration. Most of us cannot imagine a world without it. Instruments however do deteriorate over time, and many get discarded once they can no longer play. This exhibition celebrates these instruments once a bringer of joy and bearer of memories. 

Discarded Symphonies explores the principles of pattern, rhythm, and balance through the art of assemblage. Repurposing familiar musical instruments and found objects into unexpected and compelling compositions she highlights the inventive potential of discarded materials.

The exhibition content comprises of wall hung relief works and three-dimensional sculptures.


Discarded Symphonies Hero Image

Image: Nora Hanasy, The Memory Collector 2021, Discarded Love Symphony 2021, Instrument of Patience, Echoes of Bragi, Images courtesy of artist


Programs & Events

Exhibition Opening

Date: Saturday 12 March

Time: 6pm

Light refreshments provided 

RSVP Essential

Phone: 4992 9500

Email: enquiries@banana.qld.gov.au



Date, Time and Details TBC


Weekend Viewing 

Date: Saturday 26 March, Saturday 9 April 2022

Time: 10am - 12pm


Bookings & Enquiries:

Phone: 4992 95000

Email: enquiries@banana.qld.gov.au