Ownership Details

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Updating your Postal Address

It is the ratepayers responsibility to ensure that Council has the correct mailing address for all notices. Property owners must notify Council each time their postal address changes to ensure records are up to date.  Council has no power to change an address of its own accord without receiving written advice from an owner to do so. 

You can notify Council of your change in address by completing the Change of Address Form on Council’s website or email (enquiries@banana.qld.gov.au).

 If you have changed your email address and are using eNotices log on to your account using your existing login details and update your email address.

Can I change my name or remove an owner from the rate notices?

This cannot be done through Council.  You will need to contact the Queensland Titles Office and lodge the necessary forms and payment.  Council will then be notified of the changes and be able to update our records accordingly.

Authority to Act

To enable someone other than the registered property owner to enquire about or make changes to your property record (including changing your postal address, requesting a balance or copy of a notice), an Authority to Act form is required to be completed and returned to Council by the registered property owner. 

Property Sales

When a property is sold within the region, Council receives details of new owners from the Department of Resources (DR). These details include a postal address for notices. If you want council to forward notices to another address, you must authorise the change in writing.

If you buy or sell your property just prior to Council issuing rates notice, Council may not have been notified of the sale before printing notices.  Therefore, if you receive a rate notice for a property you no longer own, please either forward the notice to the new owner or return it to council.