Community Planning

Community planning is about partnerships and the Banana Shire Community Plan aims to provide a focus for decisions and activities for the next ten years. Providing a leadership role as a part of the local community, the Banana Shire is committed to facilitating opportunities to involve all sections of the community in planning for the future.

Strategic plans have been developed for each of the twelve communities of the Banana Shire, along with an all encompassing shire wide plan. The Community Plan sits alongside Council's other strategic and operational planning documents. These plans all drive the Corporate Plan and influence the budget process. 


A Community Plan:

  • relies on community input
  • states a shared vision for the future
  • identifies key themes and areas for action
  • provides information for planning and service delivery; corporate plans and budgets for government agencies, local community groups and other stakeholder groups
  • includes a monitoring/review process

The Community Plan is a living document that is regularly reviewed to reflect the changing aspirations of our community.

Feedback and additions to the community plans can be submitted for consideration:

"Looking To The Future" Banana Shire 10 year Community Plan

Banana Shire Community Plan 2017 - 2027

Place Based Community Plans