Public Reminded of Importance of Correct Use of Waste Facilities

Banana Shire Council

Public Reminded of Importance of Correct Use of Waste Facilities

Published: December 7th 2018

 The reminder comes after surveillance cameras at Wowan’s Transfer Station recorded the driver of a blue utility throwing a mattress in the green waste collection area at 11.10am on September 2.

Incorrect dumping falls under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 which states people dumping rubbish at a waste facility must comply with all relevant and reasonable directions contained in any sign displayed at the facility by the facility’s owner or operator.

The maximum penalty for this type of infringement under the act is 10 penalty units which equates to $1305.

Council encourages separation of green waste materials, such as branches and garden clippings, so that they can be stockpiled ready for mulching.

A mattress clearly does not fit this description and would be domestic waste and should have been put in the bins provided at the site.

There are clear signs at each transfer station advising users of the correct location to deposit their waste.

Separating green waste and, where possible, other recyclables, is not only beneficial to the environment, but it reduces the volume of waste that goes to landfill.

 This significantly reduces the costs associated with Council disposing of waste, providing better value for money for ratepayers.

 New waste management legislation has been introduced by the State Government and it is more critical than ever that users of transfer stations use the facilities appropriately as Council faces the risk of having them shut down if they breach any conditions in this new legislation.