Banana Shire receives drought declaration status

Banana Shire receives drought declaration status

Published: 2nd May 2019

The entire Banana Shire has been drought-declared.

Up until Tuesday morning, only the eastern part of the Shire was drought declared, that was until Agricultural Minister Mark Furner announced that the western part of the shire would also receive drought declaration status.

The addition of the western section of the Shire came after the Minister accepted the recommendation of the local drought committee.

Banana Shire was one of four partially drought declared shires to have their declaration area extended, while five complete shires were also added to the list of drought-declared local government areas.

It means that 65.2 per cent of Queensland is now officially still in drought going into the winter months.

Mr Furner said the declaration allowed the government to target assistance to primary producers who were doing it tough and supporting agricultural industries and jobs in the process.

Mr Furner said the area received significantly-below average rainfall over the last year and the rainfall they did receive had little impact on breaking the ongoing drought.

He said central Queensland received recent rainfall triggering some winter crop planting such as forage oats, barley and chickpeas, but follow-up rain was essential.

Banana Shire Mayor Nev Ferrier said now that the entire Shire has been drought-declared he urged primary producers doing it tough as a result of dry conditions to consider taking advantage of the assistance programs offered by the government.