Important Council messages now available by SMS

Important Council messages now available by SMS

Published: 10th February 2020

Would you like the convenience of receiving rate notice reminders or road closure updates via SMS?

Banana Shire Council now has the capacity to contact you using an SMS text message.

The technology can be used to issue dog registration, rates notices and water billing reminders or to issue urgent road closure notices or provide you with other important information.

Banana Shire Mayor Nev Ferrier said ratepayers had reached out to their elected representatives asking if this type of service was available.

“Most people carry a mobile phone and to receive reminders, warnings and information on the phone can be extremely beneficial,” Cr Ferrier said.

“If you simply forget it is time to pay your rates, a friendly reminder could help ensure you can take advantage of the discount period or if Council is forced to close the library or a pool for some unforeseen reason it could be beneficial for regular users to be notified by SMS.

“Council already has an effective community communication system in place, using platforms like Facebook, our website and external media.

“The use of SMS technology only enhances and expands our ability to reach out to our communities.”

A copy of the form  is available on Council's website and will also be mailed out to all ratepayers in their upcoming rates notice.

By completing this form, Council can include your name and number to the messaging service database.

If this is something you are interested in you are invited to sign-up for the service by completing the SMS Notification Authorisation Form