New sign reveals proper name of creek

New sign reveals proper name of creek

Published: 4th March 2020

SIGNAGE correctly naming the creek crossing on Meissners Road, Contact Creek has been erected.

The creek on the western outskirts of Biloela is officially called Contact Creek, but is more commonly known amongst locals as Browns Gully.

As a result the installation of this signage has triggered some discussion and confusion.

Historical maps dating back to 1973 clearly feature Contact Creek, but have no mention of Browns Gully.

State Bridges data also refer to the crossing on the Dawson Highway and Meissners Road on the western outskirts of Biloela as Contact Creek.

Browns Gully, which flows past the Discovery Caravan Park and cuts under Valentine Plains Rd, joins Contact Creek about 550 metres upstream from the Meissners Road crossing.

Official data shows Contact Creek splitting and a creek line in place where Browns Gully is now located.

Aerial and satellite imagery show some old lines in paddocks that support this definition and flood overland flows tend to follow this as well, however, agricultural practices have distorted flows in the area.

Contact Creek