Support provided to people struggling to meet rate payments

Support provided to people struggling to meet rate payments

Published: 1st April 2020

Banana Shire Council will waive interest on outstanding rates until 30 June 2020 as the first of its Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) support measures.

The decision was reached to attempt to ease some of the financial burden individuals, businesses and community organisations could be experiencing as a result of the Novel Coronavrius (COVID-19) pandemic and the new laws introduced by the State and Federal Government.

Rate notices were issued on 11 February 2020. They are due for payment on 16 April, 2020 after Council extended the payment period. People who pay their rates before the 16 April 2020 deadline receive a 10 per cent discount on their general rate.

Ordinarily if rates are not paid by this date interest is charged on any outstanding amounts.

This latest announcement means that no interested will be charged until 30 June 2020.

Ratepayers can enter into a payment by installment arrangement with Council to progressively pay off their rates and lessen the financial impact over a period of time.

Banana Shire Mayor Nev Ferrier said many individuals, businesses and community organisations were doing it tough as a result of COVID-19.

“Council is committed to maintain services unless advised otherwise by the Australian Government and requires all ratepayers to pay rates on-time if they can afford it,” Cr Ferrier said.

“Council knows that many people are struggling and encourage ratepayers finding it difficult to pay their rates to contact Council to organise a payment plan.”

“We have just had an election and the new Council will meet in the second week of April to discuss additional measures.”

“This unprecedented event is only in its early stages of impact and we have to wait to see how it pans out over the next few months and see what other support packages are offered by the State and Federal Governments.”

“It is hoped this support measure will provide some relief to the community.”