Banana Shire Council Introduces New Online Flood Mapping Tool

Banana Shire Council Introduces New Online Flood Mapping Tool

Published: 7th December 2021

Banana Shire Council today announced its online Flood Mapping Tool which is available via the online services section of the Banana Shire Council website. The online mapping tool allows residents to zoom into individual properties via the website to understand the level of flood risk to their particular property.

The online Flood Mapping Tool works by users searching for a parcel of land using the Lot Number or by keying in their rates assessment number, which is shown on Rates Notices. Users can also search by Street or Rural Addresses and by rural Property Names.

The online tool also has the location of all First Responders, Hospitals, Schools, Council Emergency Evacuation Centers and a whole range of Council facilities, including Public Vehicle environmental wash down sites. In addition it contains Post Code Boundaries, Locality Boundaries, Council Division Boundaries and Rural Fire Brigade Boundaries.

Visitors to the Shire can also benefit from using the new Flood Mapping Tool by being able to view tourist facilities such as bush camping sites, information centres and other places of interest within the Banana Shire.

“Council is committed to providing interactive communication tools for our residents and visitors to our community. This new online Flood Mapping Tool is designed to make information readily available, anytime, anywhere,” said Banana Shire Council Mayor Nev Ferrier.

The Flood Mapping Tool can be accessed by desktop computer, tablet or smart phone and can be found on the Banana Shire Council’s website or by clicking the following link