Public Notice Moura Residents

Public Notice Moura Residents

Published: 14th September 2022

Public Notice

Moura Residents

Potential Water Issues in Moura


Banana Shire Council has experienced minor equipment failure at the Moura Water Treatment Plant today. Back-up equipment was brought on-line, but not before some areas of town were without water.


Residents are advised that discoloured water may be experienced as flow is returned to the network and mains pressurized.


So far there have been no reports of discoloured water, but mains flushing may need to be carried out this afternoon/tomorrow if issues arise.


Banana Shire Council will continue to perform routine monitoring to ensure the safety of the water supply.


If you do experience discoloured town water at Moura, please advise Council’s customer service section on 4992 9500 (8am to 5pm) or after hours contact the on-call Water Treatment Operator 0419021584.