Biloela Hosts Regional Community Forum

Biloela Hosts Regional Community Forum

Published: 15th November 2022

Jobs, housing, roads, manufacturing and agriculture were all important topics discussed during the Biloela Regional Community Forum held on Monday, November 14th. With these forums now over for the year, it was the last chance for the CQ Regional Community Forum members to voice their concerns about what the State Government should prioritise in the region.


Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and Minister for Public Works and Procurement, The Hon Mick de Brenni, and Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing and Minister for Water, The Hon Glenn Butcher, hosted the session at Biloela and assured community members that job security and local businesses securing contracts over the Government’s 13-year Energy plan is a priority for the State Government.   


Mayor of Banana Shire Council and Chair of CQRoc, Nev Ferrier, was very pleased with the outcome of the full-day community forum and was happy that both Ministers could hear first-hand the concerns of the community members within our region. “We are very pleased that we have an open dialogue with Minister de Brenni and Minister Butcher. They were both very grateful for the valuable feedback this forum could provide.  There’s nothing better than hearing these concerns first-hand to make the best decisions for the future of Central Queensland,” said Mayor Nev Ferrier.


The MP’s and Forum members visited Callide Manufacturing Company and were given the opportunity to meet some of its dedicated employees and see first-hand what one of the regions local businesses was capable of doing. After touring the facility, Nev added: “I'm so glad the MP’s and Regional Community Forum members got the opportunity to visit one of our local businesses, they now can see the what our region can produce”.

Mayor Nev Ferrier also stated that the plan for renewable energy was a good idea and would greatly affect Central Queensland; however, it would be unwise to forget about its agricultural industries. Agriculture is at the heart of CQ, said Mayor Nev Ferrier. It provides an abundant source of food for Australians. Mayor Ferrier finished by saying, “that we need to come together now more than ever so that both sides can prosper equally; which will enable them to maintain their way of life on the land.”

Minister de Brenni was appreciative of the invaluable input these public forums have given over the past year. The Minister reassured that there's no better way to hear about people's fears, concerns and ideas than straight from them when they speak up face-to-face.


Mayor Nev Ferrier concluded by saying, “I think we are on the right track, and I think the Government is on the right track. We try and do the common sense stuff, working together is the way forward,” he added.