'We are the kids you wish you had at your place...'



Domestic Shorthair

Howdy, konituwa, aloha, bonjour!

You thought trouble only come in packs of 3… you were sadly mistaken. We are the troublesome 4! We love to play, we know how to use the litter tray, and we most definitely looovvveeee food! All the other cats at the pound have taught us how to be cool cats. We would love to find a home that just wants to love us and let us live our lives. We are very playful and well mannered. We know we can’t all go to the same home, so even if you just want one troublemaker in your life, give the team a call and arrange a time to meet us. We are 4 kittens with 4 different personalities and are happy to go to 4 loving homes.

If you would like to meet me, please call 07 4992 9500.