Unique opportunity helps artists develop their talents

Unique opportunity helps artists develop their talents

Published: 9th September 2019

Kassie Warren claims winning the Emerging Artist award at last year’s Brigalow Art Festival is the best thing that can happen to a budding amateur artist.

Winning the award – a scholarship to attend the McGregor Art School – has helped her improve her artistic talents and she encourages all artists to enter the 2019 Brigalow Arts Festival for a shot at this wonderful opportunity.

Kassie used the 2018 scholarship to attend an acrylic portraiture class with Robyn Bauer.

“I am so glad I selected this class, I learnt so much and it has given me the confidence I needed as an artist,” Kassie said.

“From day one it was the best experience I have ever had in my creative journey so far.

“Every day we got the opportunity to paint from live models, something I had never done before and had always thought it was for an artist who ‘truly knew what they were doing’, it was the best experience. I am now currently working on some portraits for the 2019 Brigalow Arts Festival and trying out all types of mediums like colour pencil, pastel and acrylic,” Kassie said.

The Brigalow Arts Festival, which runs from 18 October to 22 November, has a long running tradition of supporting local artists in their skills development and growth through the inclusion of learning scholarhips in the prize pool.

In 2019 this tradition continues with a designated ‘Emerging Artist’ section with the prize to attend the coveted McGregor Winter School in 2020. This fantastic prize valued at $750 provides the opportunity for a local artist to undertake skills development and to network with other like-minded people.

The McGregor School offers a plethora of courses and is highly sought after with classes selling out incredibly quickly.

Kassie said her win at the Brigalow Arts Festival left her speechless.

“I was so excited to get the chance to learn from the best tutors around.

“During the formal introduction to the winter retreat I was singled out with a welcome of congratulations in front of some 700 students. My cheeks turned red, it was thenthat I realised what an absolutely amazing opportunity I had been given.”

For information on how to enter the 2019 Brigalow Arts Festival visit