Know your local radio stations


Biloela Area



ABC Capricornia >94.9 FM



Rebel FM - 88.9 >88.9 FM



Breeze FM 89.7 FM


Moura Area



ABC Capricornia 96.1 FM



Rebel FM 88.9 FM



Breeze FM 89.7 FM


Theodore Area



ABC Capricornia 106.9 FM



Rebel FM 94.7 FM



Breeze FM 99.5 FM


Taroom Area



ABC Southern Queensland 106.1 FM



Rebel FM 92.5 FM



Breeze FM 94.1 FM



Emergency Alert Be Warned Be Informed

Emergency Alert is a telephone warning system that authorities can use to provide warnings to communities.

Emergency Alert can be used to send voice alerts via landline telephones based on the location of the handset, and text alerts to mobile phones based on the billing address.

It is for use in a range of emergency situations, including extreme weather events and bushfires.

You are not charged and will not have to pay for the alert. Importantly you cannot opt out of receiving emergency alerts.

If you receive an Emergency Alert, you need to listen carefully to the advice provided and act immediately.

Voice messages will be repeated if you hold the line. You may be directed to finalise preparations, secure items around your home, shelter in place or commence evacuation to your predetermined safer location.

For more information about Emergency Alerts, visit:



Triple Zero (000)




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Banana Shire Disaster Management Information